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      Crownply partners are some of the best veneer suppliers in the industry. This allows us to provide new and innovative products to all market segments , offering more choices for your project needs. Our sales team can help to determine the type of plywood for any applications.

Available Thickness Available Size Available Size on Request
6mm 8 * 4 8 * 3
12mm 7 * 4 7 * 3
16mm - 6 * 4
18mm - 6 * 3

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Crownply ‘Silver’ is a MR grade Manufactured from 100% hardwood by highly skilled workforce using imported technology. This is an excellent material for any kind of home and office interior works. Each sheet is treated for termite.



Stable in all weather conditions, Resistant to moisture, dry heat, termites, insects and pests. Made of a single species of high quality imported Gurjan hardwood. Each sheet is fully weather proof, and is preservative treated for termite, borer and fungus resistance. The plywood is dimensionally stable, making it ideal for high quality furniture, partitions, paneling, doors and window panels, kitchen partitions overlaid with laminated, shutters etc.



In addition to supplying the highest quality pattern grade lumbers for over 100 years, Crownply offers a variety of high-grade plywoods specifically designed for exterior and interior wooden works at homes, offices, corporate houses and other commercial places. These sheets are made by making use of high grade quality seasoned hardwood along with finest grade of resin. Optimum resistant to termite, moisture, impeccable finish and well polished texture are the salient attributes of concluded range of sheets.

Plywood specifications

Timber Only Dipterocarpus popularly known as Gurjan
Construction Completely balanced. Maximum veneer-to-veneer ratio of 1.0:1.5
Density of Plywood Exceeds 810kg / cubic metre
Adhesive Undiluted BWP type (Conforming to IS 848: 1974)
Preservative Treatment All Plywoods are treated with preservatives Glue line is fortified with highly durable preservatives Finished panels are treated with quality preservatives.
Glue Shear Strength (Kgf/sq.inch) Minimum 125

"Plywood" Standards & Specs

1. This is further divided into (1) MR Grade and (2) BWR Grade

  • MR Grade: Stands for Moisture Resistance - MR Grade Ply is basically regular plywood. This is also sometimes called Commercial Ply. In layman's terms this can be used everywhere except in the Bathroom & Kitchen.
  • BWR Grade Plywood: This is Boiling Water Resistant Plywood. Some companies call it BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Grade however the Bureau of Indian Standards has officially done away with the BWP terminology. In layman's terms this wood is also mentioned as Marine Ply & is for use in the Kitchen & Bathroom.
"Marine Grade" Plywood - used for making boats & ships...hence this is topic for a blog on shipbuilding & not here.

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