Quality Product

Quality Product

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“Our products are most Reliable & Sturdy.”

CROWNPLY "Silver". For all Kind Of Interior Needs . . .

How to identify a Crownply Product?

Every Product from Crownply will have:

  • Crownply brand name sticker of size 8”X 8” with grade mentioned
  • Tamper proof hologram sticker over brand name sticker.
  • Oval shaped brand name sticker in the middle.
  • Logo stamped in plywood.
  • The face veneer has no joints.

Our Products


Crownply - Silver

Crownply ‘Silver’ is a MR grade Manufactured from 100% hardwood by highly skilled workforce using imported technology. This is an excellent material for any kind of home and office interior works. Each sheet is treated for termite.


Crownply - Gold

Made out of selected hardwood, the only plywood in India specially designed to often unmatched strength and rigidity. Highly durable and treated. Each sheet is fully weather proof, and is treated for termite, borer and fungus resistence.


Crownply - Platinum

Crownply ‘Platinum’ is an excellent product with unmatched strength, rigidity and dimensional strength, It is a BWR Grade and is the most preferred for Outdoor, Kitchen and Bathroom. These sheets are made by making use of high quality season hardwood. Optimum resistent to termite and moisture.

Our Vision

We are a company committed to the constant pursuit of higher level of excellence in service to both the customer and the community.

Our Mission
  • To successfully implement plans and achieve better in performance.
  • To be globally recognized as one of the leading plywood manufacturer and supplier.
  • To provide best quality products at lowest cost.
Why Crownply

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of optimum quality Plywood. These products are specially fabricated with the most advanced technologies using high grade seasoned timbers sourced from the certified and reliable vendors


   ALL SEASONS . . .

Company News

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"The company manufactures water plywood, special decorative plywood and plywood products which are well known as Crownply Silver, Crownply Gold, Crownply Platinum."

Post on 8th March, 2009


Customer Testimonial

Male Quote "Thanks to Crownply plywoods, my home is homely, exclusive, extremely, unique because, I had Crownply plywoods for my interior decorator, which is very quality plywood in the market."
- Mr. Balaji
- ba***

Male Quote "Crownply is one of the best plywood forever, Its really good in price, quality and service. Thanks to Crownply."
- Mr. Sathish Kumar
- sa***

Male Quote " We are totally impressed with constant kindness & professionalism last few months back we purchased Crownply plywoods for our home decoration we feel Crownply plywood is a best quality And strong quality, thank you." Quote
- Mr. Abdul Rahman
- ab****

Male Quote It is very excellent quality material, we heard about Crownply has manufacturing in create development industries and doing professional service. Quote
- Mr. Palaniappan


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